Conscious Collaboration

"We can't solve the same problems with the same consciousness that created them..." - Albert Einstein


Why Collaborate? 

When we don’t have the capabilities to tackle the challenge before us.

Because we want to create something new.

Because what we are doing is so important it needs to scale and be adopted by as many organisations as possible, and we need as much buy-in, commitment and creativity as possible.


Conflict & Collaboration

Some of the most successful collaborations with sustained positive outcomes have all had the hallmarks of being forged through disagreement and sometimes quite vocal conflict. Collaboration that is forged in the fire often endures and gives rise to great outcomes that would not have been possible otherwise.

Success comes when we surround ourselves with brilliant people - not necessarily like minds or kindred spirits, but those who are aligned with our purpose.


Key Ingredients for Collaboration



An enabling, supportive and trusting environment


A growth mindset and attitude of generosity & humility


Beginning with a clear sense of purpose and end goal


Conscious Collaboration in Practice


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